How PetroBot inspects different assets using robots?



Provide Details on the Asset to be Inspected

To begin the PetroBot Inspection Service, we need to know what kind of asset you would like to be inspected. We will collect and analyze asset drawings and previous inspection reports in order to plan and identify specific areas of interest on the asset for inspection. This will ensure that the inspection is thorough and accurate.



Site Visit to Support Analysis and Planning*

After conducting an analysis, we will conduct a site visit to gain a better understanding of the site and address any doubts we may have. This site visit will help us plan the deployment of the inspection tool in a controlled and efficient manner.
*optional process



Deployment of Robotic Inspection OnSite

After conducting a thorough analysis of the asset, we will deploy our inspection tool on site to perform the inspection. This process typically takes a few days, depending on the size and scope of the inspection. Our robotic inspection technology is fast and efficient, and completes inspection more quickly than manual inspections. Of course, delays due to gate passes and work permits can impact the timeline, but we will do our best to work efficiently and minimize any disruptions.



Inspection Report and Analysis

After completing the inspection, a detailed inspection report will be available for review. The amount of time it takes to generate the report will depend on the scope of the inspection and the number of assets inspected. We are confident that our inspection reports are clear and concise, providing valuable insights and information.

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