Quickly inspects your ASSET without any shutdowns or scaffolding using ROBOTS.

PetroBot Robotic Tools helps industry owners to protect and maintain their assets without worrying about shutdown losses, scaffolding setup, or managing massive onsite workforces..

So that you can focus on "what matters."

Why use PetroBot
Robotic Inspection Services?

Safe to Inspect

PetroBot Robotic Inspection Services ensures safety by eliminating humans intervention for work at height, confined space entry and exposure to hazardous chemicals & gases using ATEX & PESO Certified Robots.

Faster to Deploy

PetroBot Robotic Inspection Services are highly portable and requires minimal support systems for launch and recovery. Therefore avoids disruptions in plant operations, keeping revenue constant.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses & Arrangements

PetroBot Inspection Inspection Services eliminates the high cost of tank shutdown and the need for storage/scaffolding setup for inspection and maintainance.

Safety in hazardous conditions is a paramount concern!

And our inspection robots (🤖) ensures safety by being internationally certified as


PESO Certified

ATEX Certified

Our Onstream Robotic Inspection Services,
For your Industrial Assets

See our Inspection Service for various inservice industrial assets and the site conditions.

Storage Tanks - Internal
Storage Tanks - External
Boiler Tubes
Overhead Pipings
Pressure Vessel

Look how we aim to reduce reliance on manual inspection!

Are you tired of the slow, inconsistent, and potentially dangerous manual inspection process at your industrial site? We have the solution! We are building a systematic framework that allows for the replacement of manual inspection with robotic technology, without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to human error and hello to increased accuracy, speed, and safety.

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Our inspections ensure your asset's safety, reliability, and integrity while providing more efficient operations. We offer skilled personnel, a global reach, and the best available equipment to ensure a high-quality inspection solution you can trust.

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