At PetroBot, we understand the challenges of maintaining the integrity of above-ground storage tanks. Over time, these tanks can corrode due to the corrosive products they store, and regular inspections are necessary to ensure their structural integrity. However, the conventional methods for tank inspection are costly, time-consuming, and pose risks to both humans and the environment.

That's why we developed the PetroBot In-services Tank Inspection System (ITIS) Rover. This innovative robotic tool allows for the inspection of bottom plates on live liquid-filled storage tanks without the need for shutdowns, draining, cleaning, degasification, or ventilation.

Equipped with an array of UT Probes, the ITIS Rover is able to conduct bottom plate scanning and corrosion surveys while the tank is in operation and filled. Plus, its inspection data acquisition and navigation module ensure safety and prevent unwanted accidents.

With the PetroBot ITIS Rover, tank owners can conduct inspections quickly and efficiently, saving time and money while protecting their tanks and the environment. Our ITIS Rover is ATEX and PESO certified, making it possible to inspect tanks on-stream without any shutdown. This not only saves time and tank cleaning costs, but it also allows you to extend the service life of your tank as per OISD STD 129/API STD 653.

Our esteemed clients who have been
benefitted by use of ITIS Rover


Petronet LNG




Tata Steel


Hindustan Petroluem


Cairn Oil & Gas





Why ITIS Rover inplace of Manual Inspections?

10X Faster Inspection

PetroBot ITIS takes 10x less time to complete inspection as compared to manual inspection. This helps the owner know the tank's condition faster than usual.

50% Operational Cost Reduction

PetroBot ITIS eliminates the high cost of tank shutdown time and the need for temporary storage using ITIS Rover, which works in an operational tank.

Negligible Environment impact

PetroBot ITIS minimizes hazardous waste disposal costs. It also reduces environmental risks such as oil spills and VOC release.

Easy to Deploy

PetroBot ITIS is quite portable and requires minimal support systems for launch and recovery compared to manual inspection. This avoids disruptions in plant operations and keeps revenue steady.

Safe to Inspect - ATEX & PESO

PetroBot ITIS ensures safety by eliminating human entry and exposure to hazardous chemicals and gases in confined spaces. ITIS Rover follows strict specifications made by petroleum organizations and is ATEX & PESO Certified, making it safe in tanks too.

5X Cost Effective

PetroBot ITIS is cost-economical than Manual Inspection techniques present in the industry. Therefore, it makes it easier for owners to take care of their tanks using frequent ITIS inspections instead of yearlong waiting.

Ready to get started?

We do the inspections according to industry standards, e.g., API-653 and OISD-129, and use intrinsically safe equipment. Besides, our onstream tank inspections are 10X faster and 5X cost-effective and require zero downtime or disruption to your business operations.

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